Insomnia? See A Chiropractor

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Insomnia? See A Chiropractor

25 May 2022
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Insomnia can come on suddenly, or it can develop over the years. Some people are bothered by it every night, while others only suffer from it occasionally. Since insomnia is so variable, every patient needs to do a little experimenting with various treatments to see what works best for them. One treatment you should consider trying is chiropractic care. It may sound strange at first, but having your back adjusted by the chiropractor can actually help manage your insomnia in a few different ways.

Easing Back and Neck Pain

People who struggle to fall asleep do not always realize that they have back or neck pain. They may not even notice the back or neck pain during the day. But after they lay in a certain position for a few minutes, their back or neck hurts just enough to cause them to move and shift positions. Then, the pain creeps in again and they move again. This can go on, time after time, keeping you up for hours. 

A chiropractic adjustment will put the spine back into alignment, helping to relax your back and neck so you don't get that pain and soreness as you try to fall asleep. You'll have an easier time finding a comfortable position and just drifting off.

Calming Nerve Endings

Do you feel like your legs and arms don't want to sit still long enough for you to fall asleep? Maybe your legs feel a little twitchy, or perhaps your arms tingle if you leave them in place for too long. This can be due to misalignments in the spine pressing on your nerves and nerve endings. A chiropractic adjustment can take the pressure off those nerves, calming down your nerve endings so you can go to sleep more readily.

Re-balanced Hormone Levels

There are several hormones involved in your sleep cycle. Melatonin and cortisol are two of them. Imbalances in these hormone levels can perpetuate insomnia. Sometimes, these imbalances may be caused or made worse by tension in the spine. Your chiropractor can relieve that tension, which can allow your hormone levels to re-balance in a way that makes sleep easier to attain.

Insomnia can be a true struggle. If you are looking for a safe, natural way to manage it, visit a chiropractic clinic near you. An adjustment can help fight insomnia in several ways, and your chiropractor may also have some recommendations for dietary and lifestyle changes you can make.