Methods That Will Help Alleviate Joint Pain In Your Arm And Promote Healing

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Methods That Will Help Alleviate Joint Pain In Your Arm And Promote Healing

12 February 2016
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If you injured your arm in an automobile accident and are constantly plagued with extreme joint pain, the following tips will help you alleviate it so that you can function in a normal manner and rest comfortably. The tips, along with a healthy lifestyle, will assist with proper healing.

Chiropractic Care

A chiropractor will assess the severity of your injury and offer a treatment plan that will help your arm heal in a timely manner. Sometimes, exercises or massaging techniques are used to reduce pressure on injured areas. A chiropractor will set up regular appointments with you so that they can track the progress of the healing. By hiring a chiropractor, you will have a trusted professional available to assist you if you injure your arm further or have any questions or concerns during the time that you are recovering, as well, which will bring you peace of mind.

Ice And Elevation

Ice placed on an injured area will restrict the blood vessels in the joint area and slow down blood circulation, which will result in reduced inflammation. It also will create a numbing effect, which will lessen pain. Elevating your arm will help fluid inside of your arm drain, alleviating pressure and discomfort. Wrap an ice pack in a towel and place it on a pillow. Rest your arm on top of the wrapped ice for several minutes, until the pain has been reduced. Reapply ice whenever you are experiencing discomfort. 

Compression And Comfortable Clothing

If you are going to be going out in public or moving around your home, placing a compression band around the injured portion of your arm will stabilize the muscles so that the joint area is not likely to be injured further. A compression band can be purchased from a pharmacy or medical supplier for a small fee and will assist in keeping your arm protected throughout the recovery phase.

Clean and dry your arm before placing a compression band over it. Wear a shirt with loose sleeves so that you remain comfortable and so that your shirt's fabric does not rub against the compression band which could cause it to loosen or shift.

These tips will assist with your recovery and help you remain as comfortable as possible. Of course, if you experience excruciating pain or suffer from an additional injury during the time that you are recovering, it is best to seek professional medical advice immediately. Talk to a chiropractic clinic for more information.