Crash-Related Injuries That A Car Accident Chiropractor Can Treat

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Crash-Related Injuries That A Car Accident Chiropractor Can Treat

28 July 2021
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Getting involved in a car crash can be a traumatic experience. Whether a motorist drove into your vehicle or if you lost control over your car, you likely are shaken and may not be willing to get into a vehicle soon. If you have acquired minor injuries from this accident, you are probably thinking that with some pain relief medications, you will be fine in a few days, but this is incorrect.

Crash-related injuries may not seem serious at the outset, but if they are not treated correctly, they could end up negatively impacting your overall wellbeing for the long term. The best course of action for you would be paying a visit to a car accident injury chiropractor so that they can address the underlying injuries rather than subsequent symptoms. Keep reading for a few crash-related injuries that a car accident chiropractor can treat.

You have whiplash

Undoubtedly, the most common accident-related injury that motorists will complain about is whiplash. However, what you may not know is that whiplash is usually the result of being rear-ended, hence this type of accident is usually not your fault. The enormous force that comes with jostling your vehicle forward and your seatbelt pulling you back can lead to soreness in your neck.

Moreover, some individuals may also complain about a loss of mobility in their necks. There are a couple of ways that a car accident chiropractor can help you heal from whiplash. To begin with, the chiropractor will utilize mild, stretching motions to try and reduce the inflammation in your neck. The chiropractor will also utilize spinal manipulations in an attempt to restore your neck's range of motion.

You have a herniated disc

The second common type of crash-related injury that you could have developed after being in a car accident is a herniated disc. You are probably aware that your spine is a collection of singular bones that stack on top of each other. Between these bones, discs are comprising soft tissue, scientifically referred to as nucleus, that is encapsulated in a tough substance, known as the annulus. When you are exposed to the extreme force of a crash, the disc between two of your spine's bones can tear off, and this will cause severe inflammation to the adjacent nerves.

With that said, acquiring a herniated disc can be an incredibly excruciating experience. Some of the symptoms you may develop include tingling sensations in your limbs, muscle weakness, and acute pain. To address this problem, a car accident chiropractor will typically utilize a technique referred to as flexion distraction, which involves stretching out your spine across a table. With this method, the chiropractor can single out the affected disc and return it into position.

Reach out to a local car accident chiropractor to learn more.