3 Little-Known Ailments Chiropractic Massage Can Help With

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3 Little-Known Ailments Chiropractic Massage Can Help With

10 December 2018
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Chiropractors are known as doctors of the spine and musculoskeletal system, but these professionals hold the knowledge to help you out with ailments in all kinds of bodily systems. Many chiropractic offices offer massage services that are designed to specifically help with certain ailments and illnesses, but a lot of patients have no idea that these massage services are even available. Take a look at some of the little-known ailments that may be helped through massage services offered at a chiropractor's office. 

Ear Infections 

There is a specific massage technique known as lymphatic drainage massage that can help promote drainage from the lymphatic nodes inside of the inner ear. If you have an ear infection, this kind of massage can help eliminate the fluids that have accumulated in the inner ear as a result of the infection and inflammation. The massage technique is so effective that some patients feel an almost immediate relief, which is faster and far more effective than most traditional methods to treat ear infections and ear infection symptoms. 

Common Cold or Flu Symptoms 

Did you know that there is a direct relationship between the immune system and the central nervous system? Many people call in and cancel their chiropractic appointment if they have a cold or even flu symptoms, but going to the chiropractor could actually help you recover quickly from your symptoms. There have been some studies done to gain a better understanding of how spinal manipulation could help the body produce more antibodies, which in turn would help someone overcome a cold or flu bug faster than usual. While more research is needed to gain real scientific proof, it is well worth scheduling an appointment with your chiropractor if you are sick, even if it is just for a massage to help you de-stress and recover quicker. 

Knee Pain 

Because the knee is a joint in the lower extremities, it is easy to assume that a doctor who primarily focuses on spinal manipulations would not be able to do much for knee pain, but that is not the case. Most chiropractors can do skilled massage on knees and even knee adjustments to help relieve pressure and tension in the joint. Therefore, you could get some relief from your knee pain just by visiting the chiropractor. 

Overall, massage services offered by chiropractors can bring about a lot of benefits for you as a patient. Reach out to a chiropractor in your area to find out what kind of services they have to offer.