Suffering Lower Back Pain During Your Third Trimester? Can A Chiropractor Help?

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Suffering Lower Back Pain During Your Third Trimester? Can A Chiropractor Help?

14 April 2016
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Even if you've spent your first trimester (or two) feeling in the peak of health, you may begin to notice many more aches and pains during your last trimester of pregnancy. As your unborn child begins to drop toward your pelvis in preparation for birth, he or she can place pressure on your sciatic nerve, causing sharp pain when sitting or standing. In other cases, your baby's head or shoulder may be butted up against your lower spine, leading to an achy or heavy feeling in your lower back. What can you do to relieve this pain and pressure without risking harm to your child? Read on to learn more about how chiropractic treatment may be helpful in relieving the lower back pain you've begun to experience during late pregnancy.

Is chiropractic treatment safe during pregnancy? 

While you won't want to seek out treatment that requires you to lie flat on your back (or stomach) during the late stages of pregnancy, there are a number of effective chiropractic adjustment methods that are safe during pregnancy and can even help prepare your body for labor by making sure your joints are in alignment.

Your chiropractor should be experienced in the different needs of pregnant patients, and will work with you to find positions and adjustment methods that bring you relief. For example, you may sit backward on a chair while the chiropractor stands behind you and manipulates your spine, or could crouch on your hands and knees while your chiropractor ensures your spine and hips are in alignment.  

When should you seek chiropractic treatment before trying other options?

In some cases, back pain and stiffness can be managed through the periodic use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or ibuprofen. However, taking medications during pregnancy can sometimes result in unwanted side effects, and won't do anything to solve the underlying problem. Even though NSAIDs and ibuprofen (although not aspirin) are safe for use during pregnancy, seeking chiropractic treatment to help lessen the pressure on your spine can often be a more successful pain relief method with a lower risk of side effects.  

You may also want to look into chiropractic treatment if you're hoping to have a drug-free labor. By manipulating your spine and pelvis and feeling the baby's position, your chiropractor, such as Dr Rick J Jaminet PC, can ensure that your body is in the best possible shape to do what it does naturally, without intervention or assistance.