Three Physical Activities You Can Perform While Receiving Chiropractic Care

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Three Physical Activities You Can Perform While Receiving Chiropractic Care

29 February 2016
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When you're dealing with a sore back, it's beneficial to visit a local chiropractic clinic for an assessment. In many cases, the chiropractor who sees you will be able to decrease your physical discomfort through a series of adjustments over the course of several visits. Although the chiropractor will also advise you about some activities that you shouldn't perform while you're still in pain, there are a handful of exercises that can actually play a helpful role in your body's ability to heal. While you should always discuss your planned exercise regimen with your health professional, these three physical activities are generally safe to perform for chiropractic patients.


Provided you have access to a pool in your community, swimming laps can be an ideal exercise for helping you manage your pain. This activity is beneficial for multiple reasons including the fact that the buoyant nature of the water helps to alleviate pressure on your sore back. Additionally, swimming is a useful way to increase the strength of the muscles in your back and core; when these muscles are stronger, you'll have an easier time holding an upright posture that is friendly to your back. As an aerobic exercise, swimming also contributes to a heightened heart rate and increased circulation that can play a useful role in the healing process.


If you're in a considerable amount of pain, walking might be the perfect low-intensity exercise for you to perform. This exercise generates minimal impact, which means that it is unlikely to exacerbate your back pain. Like swimming, walking increases your blood flow and strengthens the muscles that contribute to proper posture. An additional benefit of this physical activity is that you perform it while in an upright, healthy position. In doing so, you're training your back to stay upright, which can reduce the risk of impingement and other problems that can cause your pain to increase.


Provided you don't perform any postures that are too physically demanding, yoga can be another valuable exercise for addressing your back pain. Call a local yoga center, describe your condition and ask about what classes might be appropriate for you. Typically, a gentle or beginner-level class will suit you well. Many different back-specific poses can help to strengthen your back and core muscles, but also improve your flexibility by increasing your muscles' range of motion. If your back pain is partly due to tight muscles, this activity will be directly beneficial. Contact a company like Dimond Chiropractic Center for more information.