What To Do For Your Low Back Pain

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What To Do For Your Low Back Pain

17 February 2016
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If you suffer from chronic lower back pain then managing that pain on your own can be next to impossible. You may have good days when a hot bath and a good stretch is enough. However, if you find that those days are becoming harder and harder to find, then you should learn about some of the other ways you can get help for the pain. The information below will introduce you to some of the different treatments and methods known to really help with lower back pain.

Use a body pillow to sleep

If you tend to sleep on your stomach then you may find you wake up with a bad back ache in the morning. This can partially be due to the fact that sleeping on your stomach allows your spine to sink inward in a way that's not natural and not healthy for it. When you use a body pillow you can kick one of your legs and your arm over the pillow. It will then help to keep your back more properly aligned and help to decrease the amount of back pain you wake up with.

Take over-the-counter anti-inflammatories

When you have lower back pain it may be caused by inflammation. Taking an anti-inflammatory can help you to alleviate that inflammation for relief. You do want to keep in mind that anti-inflammatories can be hard on your stomach, so it's suggested that you eat something before you take them.

Go to physical therapy

Talk to your doctor about the possibility of physical therapy helping you. Physical therapy can help by focusing on the strengthening of your lower back muscles so they can better support your back, which will mean less pain. It can also teach you good habits, such as proper posture and moves you should avoid. You may also be taught stretches you can do at home that help.

See a chiropractor

Your spine can get misaligned just from everyday living. It can also endure stress and movements that cause it to shift. These things can cause worsening pain. A chiropractor can adjust your back and manually manipulate it so it goes back into proper position which will help you to feel better.

Now that you understand some of the things you can do to get some relief from chronic lower back pain, you will be able to help yourself feel better from now on.