Dealing With Back Pain When You're Pregnant

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Dealing With Back Pain When You're Pregnant

8 February 2016
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If you are pregnant and you suffer from chronic lower back pain, then you may not be able to relieve the pain using the methods you did before pregnancy. Some methods for treating back pain can include hard pain relievers and this is something that can put your baby at risk if you aren't careful. This article will help you find other ways to get relief from your lower back pain when you are pregnant that won't put your unborn baby in danger.

Use ice packs

You can use ice packs on your lower back to help relieve some of the pain. A convenient way for you to make your own ice packs is to take a large tube sock and fill it with rice. Tie or sew the open end of the tube sock closed. Now, you can put the sock in the freezer over and over again to get it cold. The ice will hold in the coldness for a good period of time so you can keep it on your back long enough to feel relief.

Sleep with a body pillow

When you have lower back pain, the way you sleep is important. Also, when you're pregnant, it's much harder for you to find a comfortable position. Using a body pillow to sleep will help you to find a comfortable position and it will help to keep your spine properly aligned so you will hurt less when you wake up the next morning.

Get massages

When you are pregnant, you're putting more stress on your lower back and it causes you to develop a lot of tension and knots. This will contribute more to the pain you experience. Getting a nice massage on a weekly basis will help to loosen things up in your back and work out the knots. Plus, the feeling of having someone massage your back will help you to feel more relaxed in general.

See a chiropractor

Your growing belly will pull on your spine and cause your back to become misaligned. This can cause more pain and it can affect the nerves in your spine as well. A chiropractor like Angie Wilson will be able to straighten things out using a variety of methods. One way they can achieve this is by using a handheld clicker device that they will use along your spine to lightly tap the spine back into its proper location.

When you are pregnant, you want to do everything you can to feel as good as possible. This should be an exciting time in your life, not one that's riddled with worsening back pain.