2 Things You May Not Have Known A Chiropractor Can Treat

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2 Things You May Not Have Known A Chiropractor Can Treat

2 February 2016
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When many people think of a chiropractic adjustment they think about getting treatment for neck and back pain. Although a chiropractor is excellent at treating back pain, especially after a traumatic accident such as a car crash, they can treat so many more problems than back pain. Here are some things that chiropractors commonly treat.

1. Pregnancy Problems

It is no secret that pregnancy is hard on a woman's body. Carrying the baby for 9 months and then recovering after the delivery can be very challenging for some women. Luckily, a chiropractor can offer assistance to relieve discomfort and help to treat common problems.

For instance, many women have trouble with their hips' joints becoming stressed and popping out of place. This makes it hard to walk since the baby may drop in a strange position and put unnecessary pressure on the hips. When you see a chiropractor they will help to position the baby properly and get the hips back into place.

Another thing a chiropractor can help with is getting the baby properly positioned for birth. The baby is supposed to be in the anterior position before delivery. If they are in a posterior position it can make the delivery hard on the mother and the baby. Additionally, if the baby is breach, meaning head is up not down, there is a good chance that mother won't be able to have a vaginal delivery and will need a c-section. A chiropractor can help to get the baby to position correctly so that at delivery the baby is ready to safely move through the birthing canal.

After delivery you can meet with the chiropractor to help get the hips, back and neck back into their proper positions so that you don't have unnecessary pain.

2. Ear Infections

Ear infections are one of the most common reasons that children see the doctor. It is very common to get an ear infection at some point in your life, and to have to take antibiotics to treat the infection. However, taking a lot of antibiotics can be dangerous for the body, which is why it is better to treat the problem naturally if possible. This is exactly what a chiropractor does.

An ear infection is caused from stagnant fluid in the ear canal that becomes infected. If you can get the ear canal to drain you can heal the infection. A chiropractor can help to adjust the sinuses, the neck and head so that the ear can properly drain, thus solving the problem.

These are just two of the many things that a chiropractor can treat.